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A couple of days ago, i watched the U.S. national news and saw a report out of a town closest to the front lines, that was getting shelled regularly. It showed how the mail was being delivered and the trash trucks were making their rounds picking up garbage. Life is going on as best it can and since you would be doing an electronic transaction, OP can get the funds transferred to his bank account as long as he has internet access, which he obviously does.


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Post on the "Free" section of Craig's List. I've used this to get rid of a lot of stuff, including broken chunks of concrete.


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> I think buying art with the intention of prospecting its future value is commodifying the object. That is a capitalist process which is, at its heart, incongruent with the philosophy of art and creative expression. At that point, the object is no different than any other commodity, so stating that it’s good or bad at being monetarily valuable becomes a more concrete result of its being bought and sold than it’s merit as an artistic work.

This is exactly what I mean.


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Maybe I should have explained more in depth of what I meant as garbage. Anything can be called art and someone will like it. I can tape a banana to the wall, call it art and attach a $30K price to it and somebody will buy it, if I am famous enough or there is a viral story behind it. According to the guide at the Barnes museum, Sautine was a failing artist who sold his paintings for next to nothing, until Barnes bought some. He didn't buy them because of the quality, only to use them as samples in his art school. Because Barnes bought some, others thought that Sautine's work must be a good investment, not because they liked it, but because someone of stature in the art world bought some. It doesn't mean they're good.


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It's sad that this is considered art and is hanging in a museum. Any elementary age child could create this.

It's like the work of Sautine. His work is garbage and selling for next to nothing until Albert Barnes bought some of his paintings to use in his art school as an example of how to use color. because Barnes bought some pieces, the values skyrocketed. His work was still garbage though.