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Stopped at Easy Mountain in Republic this afternoon, in and out in under 30 minutes. If anyone is looking for alternatives. Super nice professional folks there. edit to add: for perspective, there were probably 20 people ahead of me when I got there waiting in the lobby. They only allow a few people to shop at one time, but still it went pretty quick.


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haha I didn't go to that concert but I do remember STP playing at the Mosque. My first real concert was KC and the Sunshine Band at Hammons Student Center. My folks saw Elvis play there. Some really good bands played there when it opened, Heart, Doobie Brothers


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Reply to Customers by the_honeyman

I think most people are feeling the conflict between what is still socially expected of them (start a family, buy a house, have a successful career) and the reality that those days are increasingly out of reach for the average American. They (particularly white men) feel like they've done what they were supposed to do and aren't receiving the upward-mobility rewards enjoyed by their grandparents.

They feel gypped of a lifestyle they felt was promised to them, and are lashing out at anyone they have a sense of authority over. Retail and fast food workers, teachers (also spouses and kids) become easy targets because it's hard for them to walk away from the assailant. And there are almost never repercussions for these attacks, so they continue and can easy escalate and spread.


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When I swung by this afternoon the line was on the shoulder backed up past popeye's, past macadoodles, past the empty lot that is soon to be a culvers, and past the car wash. I get that this is all in fun but this is not a location move, this is an Arrival. And it will pass in a few weeks, WaB isn't that great.