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I foster neonatal orphan kittens and I just recently had to let go of my 18 yr old senior kitty. Between the two they are both extremely difficult but nothing compares to the first time I ever lost a kitten. It was an extreme tragedy, despite my best efforts her chances of survival were basically nothing. She danced on the knifes edge between life and death, with barely a drop of blood in her body after being absolutely infested with fleas, and it was a miracle she lasted for a week after that. But still, the hope and optimism the shelter and I both felt about her fight for her life made it to this date the worst loss I have ever experienced. Particularly because she passed while I was taking a one hour nap after a brutal week with barely any sleep. It took me a very long time to accept that it wasn't my fault.

I still can't name any kittens with names that start with P. Someday I'd like to but not yet.


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Yep, parasocial relationships is what drives the entire Kpop machine. It's really sad to me to see so many young people talk about their idols as if they're personal friends or even kids they feel protective of. It's an industry built to make obscene amounts of money for the fat cats at the top who call the shots and work the idols half to death. The exploding streamer culture in China is built on this too with new agencies popping up to recruit young girls to suck money out of lonely, overworked young men