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Not sure why somebody hasn't said this yet, but it doesn't follow that even if 100% of all known hunter gatherer groups lived in the same way today (they don't!), we could then be certain about the ways in which any have lived besides that.

But even disregarding that, this is not supported by the evidence


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I can think of a lot of films that pretty much do the opposite of the shower thought. One example is The Interview, where for comedic tension James Franco's plan to shoot the helicopter down is pretty much what happens.

Pretty sure a lot of successful heist and action films also work as counter examples


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But he made the money from the companies, or from me? The "free trial" thing made me think I just had to cancel the subscriptions. I'm alright with the lost time, just hoping I didn't lose my money. I think one of the things said it was a dollar at signup. Hopefully *I* didn't lose all that money?

And, thanks. Duly noted. Will not do in the future.


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I've looked into the websites and I can cancel all of the subscriptions, which I'm doing right now. They're all "free trial" sort of sites with the first payment being $1, then a $30 monthly subscription.

I thought it might be a scam as well, but that's something about Hawaii is a lot of people set up rentals kind of precariously. I had thought it was just a verification strategy so that dude didn't have to pay for it. I looked up the websites and everywhere says that they are legitimate, though.

Anyway I'm not trying this guy anymore, it does seem kind of sketchy