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If they're branches and limbs too large for yard bags you can pile them beside where you leave your can on collection day and they come lift them with the truck with the claw/grabber on rhe back. I think someone else here said this happens on your recycling day, I think they might be right but I normally leave yard waste out every week at this time of year and it's taken care of.


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I mean we're already at a stage where Kraft Heinz have their foot in the door and are supplying school lunches l, which is effectively the same thing when you think about it.

It's not inconceivable that they provide them cheap as a loss leader then pull the old bait and switch and say to school boards "do this thing which is in our interests or we pull your cheap lunches".


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I'd never heard of radon mitigation before I moved to Richmond, part of me thinks it's mostly a scam.


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Do your always fly KLM? have they switched to narrow body A330/321 for transatlantic flights?? They're so much slower than the older jumbos, I regularly fly home to Ireland with Aer Lingus normally and it took 8 hours on the return leg this last time. Excruciating.


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Gambling machines are a fucking scourge. It's crazy coming from the uk/ireland where they're trying (and succeeding slowly) to outlaw them and seeing Virginia just go all in and see them popping up everywhere.

I used to work in a bar and would watch guys put their entire weekly wage into these things every Friday.


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Do this! We just found this out last week too, had a load of stuff shipped to the Fed Ex downtown for like 6 bucks and drove down and got it. In hindsight or in future I'd pick a different fed ex location because parking was a pain but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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There's some Caribbean stuff in New Grand, which has some crossover with British stuff but not a lot. If youre looking for British staples it's hard around here, Publix has a section but you will absolutely balk at the prices. I'm going home on weds for a few days and intend to fill my suitcase with a load of tea bags and uk/ireland treats on the way back 😁