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Yeah I'm 17 but I'm allowed to have an opinion in a subreddit made to discuss books. My English teacher with an English degree has also complained about the book-she still appreciates it!!! I know it is a classic and I can see why but I think you can admit that it is flawed


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Yeah I can see that. I didn't like 1984 when we studied it last year but actually goodreads got me to think about it and I rated it 5 stars. I have loved a lot of the plays I have studied though. Othello is so interesting and I got such a good question for my exam last year for the Crucible (it was about the disturbing nature of Abigail and Proctor's relationship- don't even get me started!!). Goodreads is not the most reliable lol I think all of the colleen hoover books are rated higher than Othello 😭


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Yesss that is definitely one of the good ones and there is a lot to be said for the majority of the writing

It just gets a bit awkward in places I find

"He could climb to it [...] and once there he could suck on the pap of life, gulp down the incomparable milk of wonder"



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True!! We are looking at it "through the lens of tragedy" and we have to talk about "society as the antagonist" which leads to Gatsby's downfall. I think there is definitely a lot that can be said about it and I'm glad it resonated with you. When I'm done with this course I will look at some of his other work. I think it could be helpful to get a new perspective on it.


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Hahaha maybe. I like Othello but I don't know about Richard II. Next year we do Handmaid's Tale and the Kite Runner. I guess it's a bit of a mix.

Since starting my A levels I have come back to reading but I agree over my last years of secondary school I think I read maybe 3 books outside of school... absolutely shocking😭