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I agree I don’t think we will ever know the full story… however if he was carrying the correct insurance on his vehicle the rule of 30 day residency is faulty on its own for this state… you should be able to travel between states and be a resident of your home state… say like a year minus 90 days (if you’re in a state for 90 days I think is a fair compromise for residency). I don’t really have a good answer other than that I feel 30’days is not a long enough window if you’re abiding by the rules of the state for insurance coverage.


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so I’ve been at the other end of this… I now have custody of my kids… DCF pretty much investigated and then decided their mom wasn’t working out. It was not a good execution of their powers. It was very traumatic for our kids. I’m not saying the kids should have stayed with her but the way they went about the process was unnecessarily traumatic for the children involved with it. I got a call and was told I had 20 minutes or they would be placed in temporary foster care… I lived an hour away and it was 9PM on a Thursday night. I was able to keep things a little sane by explaining that I was on my way forthwith and our kids hung around their grandparents’ house for a few hours… but the “no knock” style of uprooting them has had lasting effects… they’re doing ok now, and I understand why DCF uses their power to protect them but it could have been handled differently.

Edit-there was a lot of drama and police stuff too, but alls well in my case


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unless it’s a holiday (like Thanksgiving or Christmas level) getting from Fall River to Boston at 7am is probably a 2 hour drive minimum. Around 6am the traffic starts around the Bridgewater area on 24N it loosens up a little up by Avon then can be complete gridlock until you get to the Tip O’Neil tunnel. I would definitely recommend the train, she would probably need to go to Middleboro to catch the train or Bridgewater… I don’t think the CR is running further south yet.