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Lithuanian is a very conservative language in terms of the changes that have occurred in it in the many centuries since it diverged from PIE.

This means that to someone who speaks, say, English, learning Lithuanian is just as difficult as learning Sanskrit. So while it's useful in some sense, in that if you already speak Lithuanian it will be somewhat easier for you to learn Sanskrit, it's not like you should learn Lithuanian in order to better learn Sanskrit.

Plus, the similarities between Sanskrit and Lithuanian tend to be somewhat overstated by non-linguists.


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Sorry, but the people who most strongly oppose guns are also the people who want to do something about poverty, racism, etc. It's the right wing who wants to do nothing about any of it.

And you have forgotten to mention that the culture itself is partly to blame. America fetishizes guns in a way that is really cringey to non-Americans. It's really gross, from an outsiders' point of view. You also need to fix that.