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Flip this box around and make it face the closest. There are fittings that allow the conduit to connect to the box, you'll have to loosen the nuts and take the conduit off the box along with the wires. Cut a hole in the closet for this box. Then flip the box around and put the conduit back on. Now use this box as a junction box for new outlet you want on the bookcase side. Lastly, patch the previous hole on the bookcase side.


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The handedness of a door is determined by being on the side where you have to push it open. If you have to push to the right, then it's right swing. Push it to the left, and it's left swing.


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There is no single cause. In aggregate, more males than females are born. Some of it is from the dna distribution in viable sperm, some of it is viability in the womb, some of it is generations of selecting for male babies (post birth abortions of females) making a those that naturally abort female fetuses because of genetic flaws more likely to pass on their genetics, and some of it is still not known.


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If you get one with a small tank for the kitchen sink, it can run off 120v. It'll be a heck of a lot more efficient than constantly recirculating.

For the bath as well, if you add a ~2.5 gallon 120v water heater in line with with hot water line, it'll give you hot water long enough for the water from your main water heater to arrive.


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I did this once drunk, but my ex wasn't responding to my texts. So late at night, I called her, but some guy picked up her phone. I became livid and said the most vile things to that dude. Tore him a new asshole. Told him all the things I already did with her to gross him out, and then hung up and cried. The next day she texts back "WTF did you say to my dad!?!" I blocked her number and moved on with my life. Don't often think about that one...


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Your caulk was likely bad. Could have been an old tube, a tube that had a leak so moisture got in, a tube that was poorly formulated, or the temperature/humidity wasn't right when you applied it.


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Don't listen to these other people. You are plenty mature. You deserve to be with the "hot" girl. Step one to getting her back is to make her jealous but also prove to her you've grown up. Date her brother, and it'll make you irresistible to her.


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To calculate the shear strength of anything, look up the shear strength of the material: about 30 kpsi for carbon steel. Then multiply by the cross sectional area: M5=> ~4.1mm od = 0.161in od => 0.0205 in^2. So shear strength is 30,000 psi x 0.0205 in^2 = 610 lbs. Then divide by 4 for a safety factor. So place no more than 153 lbs per screw in shear.