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No matter what container you use, make sure the paint is mixed well before you transfer. If it has been more than a day since it was mixed, then mix it again. Otherwise the pigment will settle and you'll transfer over a slightly different color. Also keep in mind this is only useful for a few years at most. The paint on your wall changes color with exposure to light, moisture, and oxygen. After a long enough period, even if you use the exact same paint, it won't match.


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If you get a huge tax refund, that means you overpaid throughout the year and gave the government an interest free loan. If you have a huge tax bill, that means you got an interest free loan from the government, and they'll put a stop to that real quick. If you have no refund and no tax bill, you correctly guessed how much taxes you were supposed to pay.


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Did you try replacing the light? It's likely fluorescent or LED, both can flicker at end of life. Hopefully the light is replaceable. If the fan runs without stuttering in sync with the light, then it's the light that's the problem, not the switch.