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nah. the baloon thing is perfectly normal. survailance flights happpen literally every day. we do them they do them. every nation in the world does them. the only wierd thing about the baloon is that when a civilian finally spotted it (we had been tracking it since it was over the ocean) and for some reason a news agency reported on it... and then the internet memed it into a whole thing..the only reason there was a public responce was because the public became aware of it ams became concerned (over nothing)


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ok and? state actors don't stay in the state that employs them... they also aren't always from that country. it could have originated anywhere and still been almost any one of those ... a little less so north Korea given their proclivities and how locked down they are but they definitely have reach into the south pacific.

but since its Ethiopia, that pretty much narrows it down to China. with the number of ties and previous "incidents" that have started there and in other north african countries with heavy Chinese investment. it would be very surprising if it wasn't them.

the thing is. this is going outside of normal behavior for this kind of thing. you expect regular espionage attempts, probing and tit for tat cyber attacks, a bit of friendly sabotage of minor systems. but generally safety infrastructure is a no go on both sides. one of those "we wont if you wont" unspoken deals in that world. though china has always enjoyed pushing their limits.