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That’s a good argument for embracing USB-C over Lightning. It’s not a good argument for having a government institution mandate a consumer product design feature. Let’s not forget that everything that’s good about USB-C is a result of Apple‘s influence on the establishment of that standard. If it weren’t for Apple, we’d still be using uni-directional, micro-USB connectors.


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History disproves your argument. If not for Apple, we never would’ve had Lightning or USB-C. The electronics industry as a whole is not known for its great design skills or focus on user convenience. Micro USB is an example of what the industry will come up with on its own while Lightning and USB-C are examples of good design pushed forward by Apple, who is an outlier. Apple has frequently lead the way in embracing new technologies many years before the commodity electronic manufacturers followed suit.


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The benefits of a standardized charging port are reduced costs and increased convenience for end users, since it’s a pain in the ass to buy and fiddle with different cables for charging different devices.

The reality is that although Apple has dragged their heels far too long in standardizing the use of USB-C throughout their product line, especially on the iPhone, it is a mistake for governments to be mandating technological design details in areas that are still evolving.

If governments had standardized charging ports back when micro-usb was the most widely used connector, we’d probably still be stuck using that horrendous design to this day. Most device manufacturers are focused on minimizing costs and maximizing volume, with little regard for elegance or usability. So we should not allow “the market” to dictate design details like this with the backing of government regulations.

For the record, I welcome having usb-c ports on all of my Apple devices. But I don’t welcome this coming as the result of government-mandated design standards which could stand in the way of better designs in the future. This may be irrelevant for charging ports since the next step will likely be wireless, but it sets a bad precedent.


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Web3 is Going Just Great

...and is definitely not an enormous grift that's pouring lighter fluid on our already smoldering planet.

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants us to ‘ignore’ Web3: ‘Web3 is not the web at all’


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The problem is systemic. It’s expected that companies will often want to do the wrong thing out of greed, and the same applies to individuals. But we should have laws and regulatory oversight in place to curb these sociopathic tendencies. Instead, our system celebrates and rewards it. We have allowed the complete corruption of our political and economic systems.


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I work in an organization with great leadership, especially at my department level. But I know from experience how rare this is in corporate America, where most middle managers and executives are only looking out for themselves and couldn’t care less about their customers, employees, or the company’s long term success beyond the next quarterly financial report.


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This is the result of business schools churning out morons who accept the ramblings of Milton Friedman as gospel. The obscene idea that an executive’s sole duty is to maximize shareholder value (in the short term) without a second thought for customers, employees, a competitive market, or society in general.