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I’m not calling you names, I don’t understand why you’re calling me names. I honestly don’t see why my point of view is a bad point of view.

  1. I fight against any kind of cosmetic surgery for children
  2. I am also against most sports, again you are assuming so many things about me.
  3. Trans kids are not the most fringe, go to your nearest Umaine campus and you’ll see that trans people make up a large majority of the student body. (I say to visit a college and not a middle school, cause u don’t want to look like a creep)
  4. I honestly think setting kids on the path to sterilize them, or cut off their genitals in hopes they can feel more themselves, is more harmful than saying they are already themselves and teaching them how to be confident in their own bodies. And before you say anything I’m against body mods of all kinds, piercings and tattoos included. I don’t care if adults do them but I don’t think children are able to fully understand and consent to making permanent changes to their bodies

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“Deranged political agenda” ma’am I am a Liberal, this has nothing to do with politics.
“Do you also want to teach young boys they shouldn’t go to the gym to get more fit” the difference is gaining muscle is reversible, if you decide you no longer want to be skinny you can be fat again, no biggie. However if you cut off your pp or your boobies there’s really no going back.

The reason I am so against children permanently changing their bodies is because I’ve had plastic surgery at a young age and I know the effects it can have on a child and later on in life. It can take years to mentally recover from having a surgery that you yourself agreed to. There’s been a growing group within the trans community of people that are saying it’s okay to keep your pp and still identify as a woman, that having bottom surgery comes with complications that might now be worth it. Are those trans people causing harm?


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It’s crazy how many assumptions you’re making and wrong assumptions at that. If you stopped being so blinded by hate you’d see that I’m in no way against trans people.

It’s not possible to be a woman if you are born a man, you can look like a woman and talk like a woman and act like a woman but you will never fully be a woman. On the other hand anyone can be gay. According to science males are males through and through, from our bones, to our faces, to our genitals. In order to fully be a woman you’d have to change all of that and it’s just not possible. However, if you just want to be called a woman that’s totally possible, I have no problem respecting what someone wants to be called

No, there is not a consensus that kids must be provided gender affirming “care”. There’s not even a consensus that the earth is round, so it’s crazy you think there is a consensus around something with a lot less data and research. The reality is there are SOME doctors that believe it’s acceptable for a kids to undergo these treatments.

How is saying “kids should be comfortable in their own bodies” tryin to kill them lol? Sounds like your the one putting the idea in their brain that if they don’t transition they can commit suicide. Sounds like you’re the dangerous one, suggesting kids kill themselves if they don’t switch genders.


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It’s funny you think spanking kids was acceptable 20 years ago, what are you 15? It’s also funny you think I’m religious. I’m actually an evolutionary biologist so your assumption couldn’t have been more wrong.

So if my kid is trans I either have to deal with them having a higher rate of suicide or them having a normal rate of suicide? Hmm well that settles it for me, I’ll just teach them it’s not possible to be trans so that way they’ll stay within the normal rate for suicide.

I have no problem with trans people, I’ve been watching Blaire White on yt for years way before she became political. I have a problem with people saying it’s ok for kids to be on hormones/hormone blockers and that it’s okay for kids to have top/bottom surgery. If a boy wants to wear a dress I don’t care, if he wants to play with Barbie’s that’s fine. If he wants to go by she that’s acceptable. But if a boy wants to mutilate himself, no that’s not okay


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Omg I raised them the exact same way they would’ve been raised 2 decades ago, ABUSE!!! How dare I teach them there’s no need to take hormones or cut off their pp’s to be who they want to be. I am such a horrible person for wanting my kids to be comfortable in their own bodies.


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I’m done, can’t debate someone who doesn’t follow basic definitions of words. A part of someone’s face is not someone’s whole face. The skin is not able to rip off the face by being pulled in one specific spot, it’s literally not possible. Another breed of dog can rip a face off because of the way they bite. But pits bite and then stay biting, to rip a face off would require multiple bites. Omg and now you believe a dog can rip a head off a human, you are just straight up delusional


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The dog could be trained to alert the owner of low blood sugar or of an upcoming seizure. There are many other types of disabled people than just the ones that can’t see. Maybe the owner is deaf and has the dog to alert them of loud noise, which it can definitely do in a stroller. Yes, in most instances dogs in strollers wouldn’t be service dogs, but it is a real possibility.


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There is no such thing as a clear service dog though. A dog in a stroller could very much be a service dog as much as a pitbull. A lot of people in Maine train their own service dogs, which is legal. And because of that most of the service dogs in this state don’t act how you would expect a service dog to act.


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Hate people like you, not everyone has a visible disability. Some old lady tried to tell me off for having my dog in the store and I just got what I wanted and left. Most people are expecting all service dogs to have a cringey vest and be complete robots, which just isn’t true in most cases.