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I know people dislike Amy Schumer but I watched Trainwreck for the first time and I really liked it.

It was funny, it was different (the girl being toxic for once not the guy), with so many surprise Celeb (of course mainly snl) appearances. I've watched so many serious and heavy movies lately and I had forgotten the balm of a good romcom.


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Gillian Anderson does the other way around. There's plenty of terrible Australian and British actors they're just, say on Home and Away and Coronation Street and soaps, not in big movies. There are also rly good actors in soaps who just like the regular paycheque. Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep did excellent Australian accents, and Meryl of course has also done British. Plenty do the other way.

Whomever can just act well and suits the role gets the part I presume?


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I loved it. It's fun and sweet. I really enjoyed the concept and the songs. It made me smile and honestly I felt better after watching it.