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According to the NIH medical errors kill 100,000 people a year making it potentially the third leading cause of death in the US per John’s Hopkins. So I’m pretty sure there are processes in place for malpractice that leads to death without using that particular AZ law. Having said that, per the NIH again you are 14 times more likely to die from childbirth than abortion.


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I can see how this happened. It was spotted by someone driving behind a coke truck. I bet it was less obvious in smaller sized posters but when it was blown up to giant size and put on the back of a coke truck, suddenly you clearly see it. And once you see it, you’d easily spot it on smaller renditions of the artwork. I bet the artist hadn’t taken the sizing up into account. Wouldn’t have been an issue if the artist hadn’t snuck the image in in the first place but I can see how a whole campaign launched before it was caught.