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I don't know what you want from me? I don't have some sort of insight into GRRM's mind to know what he has in mind, nor have i managed to reduce asoiaf into a formula to predict events happening.

All i can say is that Barristan almost definitely has an arc. It's tied to dany of course, but he basically legitimises Dany by comparing her to Rhaegar. If we accept the mad queen theory is canon, the way Barristans arc ends definitely impacts the build up of that narrative. I'm not saying he'll survive much longer, but his death has to be better than dying to some random goons for no reason


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There's no character arc, It's a pointless death. It was D&D misunderstanding the "whole anyone can die at any moment" thing in GoT.

Robb and Ned Stark was shocking and did seem to come out of nowhere, but when you look back it did make perfect sense for the characters. They really had nothing left to do other than some sort of revenge fantasy plot, which ASOIAF is better than. It's also why everyone saw the Jon Snow resurrection thing coming a mile away, the character had too much left to explore to just end.

And it's why Barristen's death is so silly. The whole Barristan reuniting with a Targaryen only to see another one go crazy would've been super interesting to explore. Instead he just dies to a bunch of random goons for no reason