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I work out 5 Days a week. I’m not an Olympian, but certainly don’t feel beat up from working out on keto/low carb.

You may need to supplement. It’s probably a lack of electrolytes, not a lack of carbs.


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You’re assuming all the Google employees and contractors are ethical and respect googles own rules and regulations.

People are definitely nosy and will snoop. Tons of stories of employees leaking info they shouldn’t have accessed.

Public figures are usually targets of this. So at least they should be informed of the risk.

Also, let’s say your post pisses off the wrong incel who happens to be a contractor? He’ll back door to record your unguarded conversation. All it takes is an improperly thought out comment or joke to ruin a career of posted without the proper context.

I’ve been in IT for 30 years. A lot of the controls we have now are in place because people will snoop no matter how illegal it is.