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And don't go with the home inspector your real estate agent recommends. Sometimes that inspector is basically in cahoots with the realtor to close the sale, so they won't tell you about problems that, a month after you move in, end up costing thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


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Yeah, Keith is great. After getting a couple quotes that recommended full roof replacement after experiencing a leak, Keith said, "nah, you just need to fix up the downspouts to improve drainage and wrap the chimneys for leaks, roof itself is fine." Ended up spending only $2500 instead of the $10K I was being quoted, and a year later still no leaks.


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Yep, unfortunately lot of folks here do not care about littering. I've been walking down Charles Street in Fed Hill and seen people just chuck their whole McDonalds meal litter out the window right in front of me, or be walking on the sidewalk with a beverage and just drop the container and keep walking. I don't get it.