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I pressure wash my siding lol. But before I do that I buy this stuff called 30 second cleaner, they'll be setting it at the front of lowes/home depot soon. Wear sacrificial clothes the stuff is basically liquid chlorine concentrate, and even using the hose attachement they give you, it will trash your clothes.

Spray it on, 30 seconds, pressure wash off.

Don't get it on your windows, Brick, Tin, Aluminum, Vinyl, all fine.


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It is, everything is. And the number of times I have had the running total on my phone from the posted prices of products and at checkout somehow spent another 50% of what I added up shopping and gone WHAT THE FUCK.

I don't go into giant eagle anymore, not even out of convenience.

Market District branded shit is just great value marked up past name brand stuff, I said it.


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It's not a tossup, Erie county is Rural, Erie county as a whole in 1500 sq miles, has the same population as the City Of Pittsburgh Incorporated area. Which consists mostly of just the downtown area, and then allgheny county even with rural areas is coming in at 1.6 million people in 754 sq miles.


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It wouldn't, and my guess is for any already preserved farmland it can't ever happen.

An easement is a property use contract, party A pays party B for certain rights to land. In this case the state is buying the right to enforce that the land is used for agricultural purposes, and how those agricultural activities take place i.e. not burning up the soil in 5 seasons and then letting the land to rot. I am going to guess that the easement does not grant the creation of trails on this farmland, and doesn't give the county board imposing land use restrictions the right to cut off hunks of land, beyond what they already get for utilities and sidewalks.

It's like you can grant an easement to a neighbor to cut a driveway through your property, but they also can't start building a bbq pit and picnic pavilion on it, because the contract states they can build a driveway and that's it.

That's not to say that stipulations for public use couldn't be added in the future for all future easements, but my guess is if there were stipulations against oil/gas extraction, and/or stipulations granting public use of the land, farmers would sell their land to Ryan Homes instead of continuing to work the soil. Because who wants to run an operational farm with yahoos running about on trails, picking soy beans from your fields so they can eat edamame at home and shit.


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Preserved farmland is still private property with an easement contract granted to the county in which it resides, which stipulates land use restrictions and agricultural activity restrictions, beholden to a county board of agriculture that manages preserved farmland easements.

Basically the state pays you to keep operating your farm as a farm rather than what many farms do, which is sell out to housing developers who subdivide farms and throw up McMansions in the countryside.

The reason oil and gas extraction is allowed, is because the property is still owned privately and there are no current stipulations in the easements that disallow it, although I would guess that counties could impose those restrictions, BUT, operating a gas well on one's farmland also subsidizes the farm, and removing that option may dissuade farmers from entering the program, and to sell their properties.


Basically, you are asking to cut a trail through a farm operating on private property, which is not stipulated in the easement the property owner granted to the county in which they live, since it's not in the contract, it's not a possibility. Further even if you manage to push to change the stipulations of the easement, it will not apply retroactively. What is stipulated is that the land will be used to operate agriculture, and the ways in which that agricultural operation can operate.


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Private, the state purchases an easement for conservation from what I understand, and the farm that operates on it now must operate in line with certain conservational stipulations put forth by a board at the county level.

From what I am reading is that it works out a lot like the Pennsylvania clean and green act, which preserves private lands for use for agriculture or forestation.


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Blanketing off a room and using a kerosene heater puts in work, they're cheap to buy and cheap to run. They can run on diesel as well if you can't find kerosene, although diesel costs more due to road taxes (especially in PA).

Downside is the smell and the soot that gets on everything, but if you really need the heat source, 10/10. They'll heat up a modest living room to the point you turn them off in 2 hours.

I use mine in the garage in the winter when i need to work on cars, I fire it up, eat breakfast, and by the time i get the car jacked up I am in a t-shirt and shorts with the garage door cracked open to cool it off.


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I crank my heat way up before any winter storm, I generally keep my house at 63 and use a space heater in the room I am in, but before a storm like we had the past 2 days, I target 75.

If we lose power, the increased temperature inside my house allows me more time to do the tasks I need to do to protect my property and ensure my families comfort and safety.

Every winter I stock about 15 gallons of gasoline and 15 of kerosene, sterilize my 10 gallon food safe buckets for storing water, and dust off the "oh shit no power" checklist for storing water from the pipes and draining the house pipes etc. I have done one pennsylvania winter weekend in mid january without power or heat for 4 days, i'm not rawdogging it ever again, because sitting in the car to get warm for a little bit every day and not moving from a sleeping bag fucking sucked.


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I try to watch out for this stuff but Google struck a deal to keep me from blocking all political bullshit emails and texts as spam from my phone, I don't want this shit beaming into my pocket from any party. I can't wait for election season to be over. And the phone calls too, I am trying to find a new job and it's a 75% chance when I pick up from an unknown it's political spam.

Can't you just leave me alone while my country circles the toilet ffs.