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We don’t like authoritarian wannabe dictators like Erdogan. The Philippines is an ally too for example, but… well… their leaders lately are so far beyond fucked that it’s almost comical. The only thing I have against the citizens of these countries is that they allowed this to happen (or worse, supported it). FWIW I’m not a huge fan of the general populous here in the US for the exact same reasons.


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I have extreme anxiety so I am on point when shit actually goes down. A calmness comes over me when things are seriously fucked and everyone else is frozen. I’m useless the other 99.9% of the time but I’m always ready for real shit. I honestly believe I would have done the same, as I have done similar in similar situations.


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Take a wild guess.

Just one slice of the dumbest conflict in history, which will never ever end because the basis of it (my sky daddy can beat up your sky daddy) is utterly meaningless nonsense. Now it’s just an eternal “yA bUt YoU sTaRtEd It!1!“ back and forth until they either kill each other or we reach the heat death of the universe.

Can’t say I would have expected Israel to actually go full Nazi, but they seem to be doing their best. Cannot fucking believe they re-elected Jewish Trump.