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I post this whenever I find these things:


Absolutely NONE of these is targeted/produced to turn a smooth brain into a phd pundit, NONE are even fully understood from a pharmacological perspective regarding side effects, prolonged use and interactions with other diet / complements / meds.

If any healthcare professional seriously recommend these to "boost neurogenesis" ask for peer reviewed studies regarding any and all "novel" substances, because there's a chance these ain't even FDA approved to begin with.


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Not if the identity is universally verifiable. Governments can create the fake history they want, if what your /u/drsimonz described is in any way tied to a temporal blockchain the governments can suck it, because they won’t be able to forge natural people anymore.

Also, this is the sole reason why we DONT use blockchain related social records in 2022, because intelligence agencies gotta be able to forge and forget people on a whim, and I’m talking about democracies.