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Trains are fine. Enough with the hyper-loop BS. Its just a grift by the gas and car industry to make us have a fantasy that will never happen so that we will keep using cars and planes. They did that same when they told us to turn the faucet off when we brush our teeth or recycle plastic; that ended up being lies peddled by gas and oil to shift the blame of climate change on us individuals instead of holding the mega corporations accountable


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Nope. Im jewish and was surprised when I found out. Jews were never enslaved by the Egyptians as far as science, our current understanding of history, And archeology is concerned. We most certainly did not build the pyramids. I more of a science and logic kind of guy some I am going to side with historians and archeologists and not some silly old book with fairytales. Although, who knows; maybe in the future we will uncover some historically important artifact that will change our understand of our past.