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My friend left after her divorce. She couldn’t afford to stay. The house she bought in NC was $160K where similar styles with the same amount of land up here would have cost her over $600k+ (she’s 25 miles from the ocean). She couldn’t even afford a paper thin wall condo for the price of $160k.


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Yup… I work in a school near Clinton and we were put on warning that this may happen this week. Happened yesterday to a bunch of schools and again today. The worst part is because it’s being called in in a certain way we have to go into complete lockdown. Close the window curtains, barricade the door, shut off the lights and hide until they can prove it’s fake. Hopefully they stop this soon


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Although I know what they’re doing is illegal, it’s about time we start noticing that teachers and especially paraprofessionals don’t make a living wage. And the conditions some schools function under are absolutely ridiculous.

The teachers I work with are always saying there’s no way they could do my job as a para. After taxes and required money is taken from my check I’m basically earning $13 an hour. I couldn’t afford to finish college and get my teaching degree so I’m doing the next best thing by being a para. I still can’t afford college for myself and now panicking on how I’m going to send my kids


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I was told I couldn’t be friends with certain people and if I was then my “job would be on the line”, these people didn’t even work for her. I must “obey every command” or I’d be “terminated”. I often found myself crying in her presence because her expectations were so complicated, last minute and impossible to do within her time frame but every comment from her was obey or be terminated.


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I think the point OP is making regardless of her kids age is she’d like for him to get home in one piece. If he was 18 and able to drive himself what’s being said still matters. There’s going to be plenty of people on the road after the ball drops just trying to get home after having to work, not party.

His parents will have to go get him, I’m sure he’d like to see his parents get there in one piece and be able to get home safely


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Met a woman from CA years ago who moved here. She loved exploring the different areas (ocean, mountains, etc) but her favorite was old cemeteries. She loved their design with old rolling hills, old trees, detailed stones. She was always out exploring cemeteries