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My first cat was a Maine coon who literally showed up on our doorstep during a rain storm. She was the best damn cat ever, she tolerated my little grabby hands without any fuss. She passed away when I was 9 and I still miss her when I think about her.


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Feral cats don't either and they're probably worse for ecosystems but everyone shits themselves when you point out the only way to truly solve the problem is extermination, so instead we get these bullshit Trap neuter release programs that do fuckall for the birds and small animals that have to live with them.

Let's eat them instead, they taste like rabbit.


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Asswipe nearly sandwiched me at 80 mph because the guy in the passing lane wasn't speeding fast enough for his liking and he just couldn't possibly wait the 3 seconds for me (center) to pass the guy in the right lane and get over. I braked as hard as my car could and remember seeing a car's side door in front of me at one point but I didn't spin out or hit anything at least.


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>Lots of sonic commercials but no sonic.

That used to be my state too, about 12 years ago they put in the first sonic and it was a huge fuckin' deal. Like people lined up on the highway shoulder waiting for spaces, it was ridiculous lol

IMO you're not missing too much, their shakes and slushies are probably their best stuff but the food is "ok"