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Keep in mind that Krautrock is not much of a genre. There are vast differences between the bands that fall into that category. For example, Can's an outlier with its jazz/funk/avant-garde influences; so's Amon Düül in all its myriad DIY forms; noise bands like Faust don't have much in common with melodic and occasionally ambient groups like Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster (and its spinoffs), Kraftwerk, NEU! and Tangerine Dream. There's a lot there. If you don't like something, it's a good idea to listen to something else instead, it's likely to be very different.


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Yeah, I was doing some rough calculations.

Mass of earth's atmosphere: 5.1 * 10 ** 18 kilos, which is 5.1 * 10 ** 15 metric tons.

Concentration of CO2 in atmosphere: 415 parts per million as of 2021, according to NOAA.

That means the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 2,282,500,000 metric tons, give or take. To get us back to 1960 levels, we'd need to remove a fourth of that.

That 2.3 gigatons seems over an order of magnitude lower than the 50 gigatons you mentioned. How'd you get your number? Have I slipped a decimal place somewhere?

Regardless, this vast scale is why I'm deeply doubtful about the feasibility of industrial carbon-capture solutions.

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