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Yea after I got out. I was doing onboarding for a new job and had to do a drug test. It was done at an actual testing lab and the lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if anybody was going to watch me. She also yelled through the door to turn the sink faucet off, which was never on, I just reaaaallly had to go at that point.


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You get real comfortable. Hell, quite a few of us went around grabbing each other's nuts. Submariners usually get their first male to male kiss in a game of chicken. You really stop thinking of "gay" as "liking things up your butt" to "yep, I'm not attracted to men"....which is how it should be anyway tbh


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Yep, my dogs have gotten to the point where they don't need the collar anymore. They still wear it when we go out late at night and I can't see if there's a bear/deer/fox on the property. They only get the shock if they ignore the beep and the vibration, and only if they are running off the property. Had one issue with my bigger, more aggressive dog running off and got the collars and now he only tries to run off chasing animals, but is smart enough to stop at the treeline.