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The only pets that really make sense to me are rescuing animals since they don’t have a habitat that is safe or natural for them, thanks to humans. Tons of animals become rescued after animal testing or get rescued from farms before slaughter or after serial exploitation. Dogs and cats have intensely huge populations outdoors and live longer lives without reproducing when humans spay and neuter them and keep them from roaming. Meanwhile tons are continuing to be bred with health defects cause humans think it’s cute and funny and a literal money-making scheme.

So as I’m opposed to breeding pigs and gerbils and dogs and cats and parrots as different shapes and sizes to compete in little competitions for some simpleminded human satisfaction like you suggest, I think it makes more sense to rescue animals and work to stop all the ways we breed them for profit without regard for their lives or quality of life or health as a whole, outside of their entertainment value to us humans.


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Inbreeding a ton of different kinds of dogs with so many different genetic health defects wasn’t enough? You wanted us to do it to pigs too? Sorry, humans were too busy breeding them to slaughter, not to compete against dogs (at what??)


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Well, to be clear bats are a pollinator of plant species, as well as a part of the animal food chain, depending on the bat. By disrupting the habitats and migration habits of pollinating species or species that play an important role in the food web of an ecosystem, we disrupt the environment and animal and plant life as well, which leads to degradation or change in an ecosystem instead of preserving it. Ideally we should be studying the environments that are best suited for wind turbines with minimal effect on surrounding wildlife. There’s so much empty land I’m sure this would be feasible


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Yeah. It’s not enough comfort though considering there’s still a 1 in 5 chance I’ll get long covid and it gets more likely with each reinfection


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Yeah, it’s unfortunate that even when vaccinated and boosted and masked, others who aren’t those things can still choose to spread it to us. I got Covid just a few weeks after a booster shot a year ago because my coworkers and the customers rarely masked or didn’t have up to date vaccinations. Just basing that off the reported numbers. It sucks. And now we might have permanent or long term health issues because of other peoples’ carelessness when it comes to infectious disease. I’m just glad I’m not immunocompromised or have some serious physical disability, otherwise I could potentially be a hell of a lot worse


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I wonder if this will one day affect the majority of the population. 25% in 3 years is really a significant amount of infected to have long covid. And the virus will continue to infect millions and millions more. There’s no more efforts like masking or isolation time or anything, and many aren’t updated on their vaccines or have never had one.