g2g079 t1_jaa9d4z wrote

Probably was fine until someone yanked on the cable. While it was stuck up against something. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't still work. It's possible they just disconnected all the wired connections now that wireless is good enough.


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My old job had viruses everywhere when I started. Machines hadn't been wiped for decades and even their antivirus licensing server was down because of malware

I spent months reimaging every machine in that place. I kept everything updated and the PCs running like new. Meanwhile, my senior coworker and our vendor pissed around for a replacement backup solution for over a year after the old one failed during a restore.

Eventually, I quit for a better opportunity. A few years later EVERYTHING got ransomware there. I only found out because months after the attack they had asked a local community college for help imaging machines because it was going slower than expected due to their senior guy going to Vegas.

Like wtf. This was a mental healthcare place. You should have called professionals. Instead you asked if their are any students that can help because you sent your senior guy to fucking Vegas.

So glad I left that place. Still wonder if they had a working backup.