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There is a truly fantastic podcast called the timber wars put out by oregons local public radio. It explains everything from the scientists side, the lawyers side, the loggers side, and the politicians side. In it you learn about the tussle for old growth forest. It’s really valuable ecologically and economically. They plant trees after cutting them down but forests don’t recover, it’s a whole ecosystem of different trees at different growth stages. All sorts of stuff relying on all sorts of stuff that takes a lot of time to come into existence. Wild fires already threaten these habitats.


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Not anywhere near as violent but this reminds me of that Japanese cultural tradition(?) where one team protect a pole with somebody on top of it and the other team tries to take them down at all costs.


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Who here remembers the fire phone!?

I read an engineer’s perspective about it. They were all thoroughly confused thinking what they were making would NOT sell but bezos was making personal declarations on what to put into it and how well it would sell. They felt like betting against the guy that built amazon .com from scratch was a bad idea and that he knew what he was doing. It was an abysmal embarrassment. And now we have this meta verse thing everyone agrees is pointless.

Just another example of billionaires doing one thing and thinking they can do everything after the megalomania is reinforced with the big bank account and yes men everywhere.