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well damn

its almost like rejecting longstanding principals of international law like national sovereignty and human rights, and substituting them for such diplomatic tools as - *checks notes*

- meaningless saber rattling and the general erosion of truth and fact in favor of authoritarian myth-making (shit, really? this is what they came up with?) could turn you into an international pariah.

Who knew?

Just keep threatening to nuke/declare war on everybody though unless you get exactly what you want. I'm sure this time that'll work


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Sure, my point was that it’s unlikely the cashier would be unable to successfully claim self-defense here either, since they both pursued the potential thief and made physical contact first based on the doctrine of extended personhood (when she grabbed the bottle), AND the thief could potentially turn the defense around on them and claim self-defense themselves


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Then you could potentially argue it was self defense (but only if she wasn’t the escalator and didn’t provoke it, which is murky here since based on the facts she approached him and tried to grab the bottle), but IF she went out and chased him, there are some courts who will find HE was using his right of self defense when she approached him with the intent to put her hands on him or grab the bottle, both of which could be considered an initial assault which he was defending himself against

You generally can’t use self-defense as a defense when you’re the one instigating the fight


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Shopkeeper’s privilege allows detention in or near the store using a reasonable degree of force in a reasonable manner/for a reasonable period of time with a reasonable and sincere suspicion someone has stolen or is attempting to steal

Chasing them out of the store and grabbing them is almost certainly unprotected conduct in this instance.