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I wasn't a fan of it. I like my books to be more fast paced. But I like the idea if it. I like that it's slow and realistic and written like a book documenting an event like that would be written had it actually happened. But it just isn't my style of fiction. I need more face ripping with my zombies.


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I can only remember a few of them. I'm an old old woman wheezes in 38 👵🏻 We had to read Peer Gynt and a doll's house by Henrik Ibsen Haugtussa by Arne Garborg, Lord of the flies by William Golding, The hornets nest by Jimmy Carter. Hunger by Knut Hamsun, The prose Edda by Snorre Sturlason, A midsummer night's dream by Shakespeare, the Cider House rules by John Irving. And I know we read a bit about the black plague aswell. But I can't remember what it was

(in kindergarten we read The witches and the Twits by Roald Dahl together and we had to draw something from every chapter. And that was the best mandatory reading of all!


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As I said, if I borrow a book and it turns out I absolutely love it and I want to re-read it several times, then I buy it. I just don't want my bookshelves to have books on them that aren't special to me or are unread. I've moved twice with a 400+ book collection and I'm not doing that ever again, it's heavy, expensive and it limits the choice you have when deciding where to move. So now I'm down to +-40, and it feels a lot better. And I'm saving money and that's good too. Fingers crossed I'll have the money to own a house before I die. 🤞


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Between free books online, borrowing from friends, and my library that will order in books from all the other libraries in the country+their ebook apps, I really haven't had a problem finding good books I want to read. 🤷‍♀️ There's so much other stuff I'd rather spend money on.


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Horror, dread, eerie atmosphere and grim surroundings. I basically want to be so uncomfortable reading that I want to stop. I don't need good writing, accuracy, or things to make sense. I just want to be entertained and have nightmares


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I never read just one. I have one in bed, one in the bath, I have an audiobook in the car/when I go on walks and an audiobook when I do chores and a non fiction book that I pick up now and then and one on my kindle that I take with me in my purse. Different occations call for different books.