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I remember seeing a report about a patent Apple had for lenses that are one size fit all and can be adjusted in store by an employee. If they are able to make stylish glasses that can fit any prescription, at a decent price, that are not clunky, and are functional from a technology standpoint, then AR will be their next huge money maker. The advantages, speed, and potential convenience of AR glasses can be the biggest market disruptor since the smartphone if done right. They could not just create a new market for themselves, but they could also take over the prescription glasses market. Old glasses stores would be like a Rolex store. Fine for a status symbol or some style, but not nearly as functional as the new thing.


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Wouldn’t that give the NFL more games with at least one large market team playing? I guess it may be more advantageous for them to have prime time games with two large markets, rather than a game with a large and small market. But then you have more games with two small market teams playing each other and shifted into a regional game on cbs/fox during the afternoon.


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It also goes together because the nervous system slows down the nervous system during stress. I often have to go before doing something stressful and I’ll feel anxious at the same time. I think it’s a trauma response or my body learning that I’m about to have a period of time my body is activated with stress, so it better clear out while it can. So do I feel anxious because I am afraid, or am I feeling anxious because I’m actually having a gut reaction ahead of a stressful event. Probably both.