gaurav_gilalkar t1_j9nn80r wrote

Hello guys,

I've been using Accubattery for a while now and I've seen that it either doesn't count charging wattage correctly or the phone doesn't charge at the advertised wattage.

Please refer to the below images attached (the first one is from OnePlus 7T and the other two are from Pixel6A)

[OnePlus 7T charging status](

[Pixel6A slow charging at 2-5W ](

[Pixel6A charging at 12-15W](

The OnePlus 7T is advertised to support 30W dash charging through its official charger and the Pixel6A is advertised as up to 18W charging through supported chargers.

Both phones are official Indian models. I've used the supported Dash charger for OnePlus 7T and a 3rd party supported charger for the Pixel6A i.e. the [Napoleon 65W]( It used to have 2 USB type c ports when I purchased it a few months ago.

Any thoughts on this matter would greatly help.