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Generally, anywhere cold air can get in (or hot air get out) is bad.

Easy temporary fix is to get some sort of adhesive plastic and put it over the whole window frame, like you're saran wrapping it. There's kits for this at home depot or lowes or whatever.

You can then also drape a curtain, blanket, etc over the window in order to help insulate


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Temporary accommodation like this is better than nothing, but really, just give them residency and let them move wherever they like.

Or hell do that chartered cities thing and carve out a chunk of Scotland or elsewhere in the UK and let them build the city of New Ukraine, not much to lose and a ton to gain if it turns out anywhere as good as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, etc


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Putin was winning because Germany was much more reliant on them than they had been with nuclear plants

But you’re looking at things the wrong way if you’re always looking for who wins

Sometimes the people are just stupid and vote for stupid bs

Like in the USA when we vote for immigration restrictions or protectionism

Or in this case, Germans voting to shut down their nuclear plants because of Japan’s issues with their plants.