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Please, if all you know about Personal Finance is from r/Personalfiance, stop posting.

Money is Math. There are no "emotions", "splurging" and "treating yo self", in the early days and if you really want to get ahead.

There is no scenario in which a multi-year car payment with INTEREST is "good"/"better" than paying for an equivalent car in Cash.

Get your emotions out of your money, or you will be broke forever.


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Not a good idea to rely on the exception, rather than the rule when it comes to money ;) Either way, taking on "financing"/debt for a car is dumb and unnecessary for personal use. It does nothing, but lose value and cost money over time. A complete financial loss in every way. Unless you use them for business, where you can write of depreciation, etc..., they can't really be justified, and they're made like crap. When is the last time a week went by when a major auto manufacturer didn't have a recall, or fire, or debt spiral, etc....?


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ZERO! Car payments are stupid and new car payments even more so. Cars are financial cancer. Buy the best you can in CASH and drive the wheels off of it. Never mind the fact that new cars are genuine garbage that are intentionally designed not to be serviceable by their owners (serialized parts, right to repair). Too late now, but don't do it again. Some of the wealthiest people you will ever meet are driving 15 year old Hondas ;)


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'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

The "better" method is many, many independently owned outlets, so that people have a wide variety of sources to draw their data set from in the first place. Relying on "International Groups" is Globalism, which is 100x worse that Statism. Yes, give me a "Truth Score" to go with my "Social Credit Score" and my "Gullible, Nanny Stater Dip Shit Score"!!!!!

I'm sorry you love the boot heel of your Government on your throat. Free Peoples do not. That's why "Modern Germany" has repeatedly conquered and is nothing more than an occupied puppet state of the US :)

Now, go run along and pay your government, which is really our government to lie to you and to "score" you for being the proper little Pleb that you so desperately want to be.

Vielen Dank!


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Yes, there were always "Muck Rackers" and "Yellow Journalists", but you also had hundreds more outlets at every level with a truly "diverse" array of ownership and viewpoints.

The money was also much smaller and the tech didn't exist to physically control so many outlets at once. There were also laws in place, here in the US, that limited media ownership in a given region, but that was overturned by the 1996 Telecom Act, which "deregulated" media ownership and allowed for the creation of the uber-double-mega-media Corps we have today.

The same Fox that "produces" their "stories" for the "News" is the same Fox that produces stories for their movies, is the same Fox that own dozens and dozens of major, online magazines. "local news" channels, and other press outlets that you would never think are connected, but are all owned by the same few folks at the end of the day.

Of course, simply saying "Welp, it's always been done, so what can you do?" is no argument at all either. After all, "Two wrongs don't make a right.", amirite?


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"...permitted to continue", by whom, Dear? Who is issuing these "permits", exactly? Surely, you don't want the Govt. coming in to "fix" things?

The "News" is far MORE concentrated and LESS democratic than ever. The body count of journalists proves it. Don't ever mistake reeeeeee posts on Reddit and Twitter for actual objectivity, or a true "diversity" of viewpoints. It has never been easier in the history of Humanity to silence your fellow humans and "shape the Narrative" as you see fit. Things are and have only been getting worse and by no means "better". Now, I have to scrub my Corporately-Funded "Social Media" posts lest my Government-Funded "Social Credit Score" be tarnished. After all, there are consequences for "harmful" WrongTweet and they should not be permitted to continue...


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Again, anonymously Double-Downvoted without a pithy retort insight, or s single bit of contradictory evidence. I would've thought my fellow Philosophers would know how to construct a more cogent counter-argument, but alas not. Then again, look who runs the joint past and present :)

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" <---- Look that up. It's a rather famous "Philosophical" axiom, which is more than applicable to the current topic at hand. Wouldn't you agree?


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Again, double-downvoted by Anons with no rational retort. EXACTLY as I predicted ;) ONLY the TRUTH hurts and Reddit do be hatin' the Truth :) It's not always conducive to creating a "Safe Space"....for liars.

Look up the Laws yourself my fellow Americans and "Philosophers". I 100% guarantee I am 100% correct.

Prove me wrong :)


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Facts and figures don't sell subs, or get people to click on bait. ALL that matters is making profit. They never have and never will care about the "Truth", or the "Facts" both of which are both clearly just "Social Constructs", obviously. Besides, the Truth hurts, and "causes harm" to "Modern Readers" and the "Community" writ large, and we musn't have that. They don't care one bit about the "oppressed" it's just a bit of virtue signaling that they can use to justify their silence an biases. "Think of the Children....I mean the Environment.....I mean muh Feelings......I mean, ....."


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The only "Transparency" you need is who is funding our various "Media Outlets". Once you know who's footing the bill, you'll know the Narrative they're shaping and the Agenda they're pushing.

Of course, if you should happen to notice any patterns in said ownership, the person who "investigates" and "reports" these demonstrable and undeniable facts will then be labeled an "-ist" of some sort by the vary people they're reporting.

It's the classic, 2-bit, Commie-character assassination techniques, and you'll find it all over our "Modern Media" in the form of "Heavily Moderated(Censored)" websites, that aim to create a "Safe Space" for all "ideas" long as they conform to the Corporately Sponsored Media.


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AMEN!!!! Force state-sponsored propaganda and you have no other options. This is precisely why Orwell modeled Big Brother after the BBC where he worked for years. He knew from experience. They even have a statue up at BBD HQ mocking him with one of his own quotes.

"If Liberty means anything at all, it means telling the People what they don't want to hear."

Correct, the People do not "want to hear" the lie, propaganda and double-speak that the BBC produce for global consumption.

Statism is never the answer. The First Amendment to the US Constitution is. That's why they put it first, of course.