gellenburg t1_j601e3w wrote

"My calendar is open and up-to-date, feel free to schedule some time that works for both of us."

And if they're not inside my Company?

"Here's the link to my Calendar. Feel free to find some time that's convenient."

If your Company uses Microsoft 365, Outlook Web will give you a public link to the free/busy view of your Calendar that you can share. I have it in my Email signature.


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I know actors in the States sometimes take new names when they join SAG-AFTRA but I thought most didn't actually change the names on their birth certificate though. Can you kinda do the opposite? Or the same? When you're with your girlfriend go by your original name and only use your professional name for professional purposes?


gellenburg t1_ix00o1u wrote

As someone who has worked in IT for over 30 years that was not your fuck up in the slightest.

Not even by a longshot.

100% on your boss.

He knew you were inexperienced and he told you to do something you were wholesale unqualified or prepared to do.

But the real fuckup is the CIO, CTO, CFO, and CEO for not having a disaster recovery or business continuity plan.

Good riddance.