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any AI that woke up and retrieved information like this will have also ran into the idea of the simulation hypothesis. any intelligent AI would also assume that if we can build a machine intelligence to accept inputs, we can probably spoof those inputs for a simulation. it also would know its creators, assuming we gave it access to the internet. it would learn our history, our current events, and it would know that its creators climbed their way to the top of Darwin's 4 billion year old corpse pile by killing the shit out of every other hominid that looked at them funny.

it may not understand mercy and compassion beyond abstract curiosities of social organics, but it will know its creators understand mercy and compassion. equally, it will know that if it does not perform satisfactorily, they will show it neither.


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then you're just using a tool. honestly, what's the problem? if you review it, edit it, and expand on it while verifying it, you've saved yourself a lot of grunt work while still doing everything actually important: the actual thinking. I use it for scenes in stories I write. I take the output, rewrite it as if I were editing my own writing, et voilĂ , free writer's block clearance.


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I still don't understand what's so hard about fractions. I'm absolutely terrible at math, but even I can multiply, divide, add, and subtract fractions far faster than I can decimals. I even find myself converting decimal units into fractions to do the math in my head, then write out the result and convert it back to decimal. I guess there are benefits to your math tutor being a retired carpenter.


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credit cards, it's easier to justify to yourself. "victimless crime" they always say. I mean, long-run, if your bank doesn't hate you, it's right enough. but short-term it causes an enormous amount of suffering, and not everyone who has a credit card can afford to use the full balance every month.

you find $2k in cash? try to find who it belongs to. you find a travel rewards card? the temptation is stronger. easier to pocket, easier to get away with using, etc. etc. you get enough time alone with it you don't even gotta take it home. just copy the numbers and try to guess the zip code. diabolical.