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I hear you, but that's amateur corruption if it's mostly just about nepotism. Try living in the States for a day to see just how Mad Max our country has become. Nepotism is one of the tiniest crimes our so-called leaders engage in. Come back to play when someone tries to overthrow your government or is accused of any host of crimes, e.g. rape, murder, espionage, gun fetishism, hate crimes, etc. I think many romanticize NZ because 1) we only hear the good stuff and 2) LOTR. Humans are a pretty simplistic species.


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I actually made it the whole way to through the article, which is the most Mariah Carey I've been able to stand in years. Anyhow, I found this final paragraph to be so funny as that book describes the exact opposite of who she is. "The trademark request outcome hasn't stopped Carey from harnessing all the Christmas phrases she can. She just released a picture book called "The Christmas Princess," a "modern fairy tale" about Little Mariah, who "doesn't have much and doesn't want a lot" besides peace and joy during the holiday season."