genmischief t1_j4x1sr5 wrote

>other ideologies hostile to our values as a nation.

You hit on something there. This is entirely perspective based.

You see, I think fascists, anti-fascists, extreme right and left... their ALL morons.

We beat the nazi's. They aren't back. The allies beat them SO BADLY that they are STILL IN HIDING in Brazil, dying off. What we have in the US, those aren't NAZIs. I mean, they say they are NAZI's but the actual NAZIs would have shot them on sight. First... we had the brownshirts. People who preyed upon the people of the time and either allied them up, or targeted them.

Do you know where the NAZIs came from? We got the brownshirts, then crystalnacht, and then finally the National Socialist Workers Party who lead to a military power through petty payback and overreaching intolerance from the closure of WW1.

The Treaty of Versais. Germany got squeezed for EVERY THING THEY COULD GET OUT OF THEM. It created a nation of people who couldnt afford housing, decent educations, and highly volitle uncertain futures. Then add to that all of the single parent households after their young men and husbands died in the trenches of France to American, French, and English forces. (by the way, does this sound familiar at all? Single parent homes, rampant inequality, low wages and sketchy education?)

So these people and their position created by the war and the treaty, used that treaty as a rallying cry. Proud people who needed something to beleive in and be a part of, a way to rebuild. I think you probably know the rest worked out... Dont forget ole hitler was the Time magazine Man of the Year at one point. ;)

(if your inclined to pay the money, this is a FANTASTIC product which discusses a great deal of that history)

Now, NEO-Nazis.... what we have are a bunch of nonces who THINK they are NAZIs, but are ineffectual, unpalatable, and mostly irreedemable. They are problematic, and can do harm on a small scale, but for the most part they are a symptom of the times. There is no WAY these guys will ever form a military, a viable political party (or coop one), or an anyway affect the world in a meaningful way as an organzation. Anyone who is smart enough to actually start organzign something at that scale is going to be smart enough to understand how tragically flawed that idelogical path really is.

Domestic Terrorism, of course, is a whole different animal where one person can appear as much more. But I digress, different topic, different time. :)

Does any of this help illustrate why A:) I'm, sick to death of the whole thing and B:) I find the idea of peeling a sticker being my American duty to be utterly laughable?


genmischief t1_j4wy0o7 wrote

You're literally saying removing a sticker will make a difference. How can you come to that conclusion? I suppose you then would advocate to slather OTHER stickers you agree with on more private property?

In the end, the guy who owns the property is the one left with everything covered in stickers. Thats the only change that will happen.


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>they can elect to serve time in jail or in a work program for the state

Well, at least it gets people into a hot meal and a dry roof... and hopefully into some kind of diagnostic program to help them work through whatever broke in their lives that lead to this.

is it great? No. is it SOMETHING? yes.