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He was basically forced to follow through on a poorly considered offer to buy Twitter for WAY more than it was worth, so I think by he’s upset that he got so screwed on the deal and he’s taking it out on the Twitter employees. In his head I think he equates Twitter employees with left wing politics so he’s becoming more openly right wing to piss them off further. His fellow investors need to have an intervention


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And it says “…Making calls will be completely free of charge.”

“To ordinary callers, the phones will work the way they did in the analog era, minus the need to insert coins before making a call. There's a special circuit board that takes the place of the coin acceptor equipment. Making calls will be completely free of charge.”


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I’m a little confused and it’s probably my ignorance, but I was thrown by this statement:

“Researchers Ashley Martin and Malia Mason assert that 90% of virtual assistants are initially programmed with a binary female gender.”

Are they saying that because Siri and Alexis sound female they’re necessarily binary? I don’t recall Siri ever telling me anything that would suggest that. How would a digital assistant be programmed so that it sounds non-binary or gender neutral?