geoemrick t1_j0acrkf wrote

You don’t debate. You don’t offer up anything. You just insult because your vocabulary and mentality is stuck as 12 years old. Come up with something better. You can’t though because everything I’m saying is true.

Stealing is never a victim-less crime, and you’re not God. You don’t get to pass that judgement on anyone and say to anyone “I deserve to steal from you.” You’re not some kind of guru like you think you are. Grow up.


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It is a debate. It’s you vs reality. If a store is losing money from thievery, it will close, and that will hurt regular working class folks.

Last time I checked, if your place of work closes, you lose your job.

It’s not “sticking it to the CEO.” It’s hurting regular people like you.

You just want to take what’s not yours because you’re that pathetic you can’t earn it. This is your excuse. How degenerate of you.


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It is a debate. It’s the real world vs you. Go ahead and keep hurling insults at me. I’m greatly entertained by how you try to argue your position with the vocabulary and maturity of a 4-year-old who just learned a few curse words.

Or maybe you’re more like a 13 year old who says cringe-y shit because they try to be edgy, when really it’s apparent they have 0 life experience and saying bad words is the peak of “coolness.”

Take your pick.


geoemrick t1_j05iqrf wrote

You keep repeating the same shit because you have no answer.

It’s simple. If you allow thieves to keep stealing your product, you WILL go out of business. You will also have to lay off regular working class folks.

Therefore: stealing =/= “just hurt” the mega corps, and on top of that, the richest don’t even feel it. It’s the managers, floor employees, etc who will be laid off.

Not to mention that it’s not your shit. Find some other, civilized way to “right wrongs” besides fucking up everyone else’s day and making people lose their jobs. How incredibly selfish, sick and twisted of you.

Your entire philosophy is a total disaster and embarrassment, not to mention cruel, abusive, violent, demeaning, and sub-human.


geoemrick t1_j02gpda wrote

It does have point. It’s truth. Stealing=store losing product without making profit.

Not making profit=losing money.

Losing money=store goes out of business.


Also, even if you had a certain amount stolen from your store and you still came out with a profit, and month after month you kept seeing items stolen, why would you want to remain open?

When you can just close and go somewhere else without shitty people who steal your shit.

For real. It’s moronic. No one wants to deal with that bullshit, not even you. If you had shit constantly stolen from your home you’d be like I either have to move or arm myself.”


geoemrick t1_j00tn0i wrote

If a store doesn’t make money and loses it instead because the product is flying out the door and no one is paying for it, the store cannot stay open due to basic economics.

Let’s see what fourth grade doodoo poopoo peepee (that’s how you sound) language/insults you have for me this time. Because that’s the only response you can ever give.

Curse words, just as someone as inarticulate, illiterate, childish, naive, immature, out of touch, and degenerate as you would do.


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Here’s math for you:

1,000 total items go on the shelves. They cost $1,000 to buy from the supplier.

Each item has a 50% markup, so each item will cost $1.50.

500 items are stolen. That’s $750 lost. The other 500 items are sold and $750 is made.


Stop listening to the bullshit propaganda that wants anarchy, destruction, pain, suffering through violent degenerate criminal acts like stealing.

The math is there.

Stealing closes stores. Stores closing means regular people lose jobs AND the community loses stores and eventually don’t have access to food and other services.

it’s so fucking obvious, I hope you never, EVER interact with society as a whole because you’re such a degenerate you’d just ruin everything for everyone else, you selfish asshole.


geoemrick t1_j002lir wrote

If a store is losing more money than it makes.



Maybe if you’d “shut the fuck up, you’d learn something.”

Even IF as you claim they don’t have to close when being stolen from, but still do, my point stands


So go ahead and be a complete hypocritical moron who says they are all about the little guy while also being in favor of the little guys LOSING THEIR JOBS when the store closes.

Pathetic. Sad. Childish. Grow up.


geoemrick t1_j002ijl wrote

I never said you had to be nice.

You do however, need to understand that the world is bigger than you and just because at YOUR store they didn’t close or fire employees for not catching thievery, it doesn’t mean that other stores don’t do that.

And when you are okay with stealing you are okay with people being treated like shit. That’s not a lie. Try again.