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MA has 5 small-medium sized hills, around 800-1000 ft vertical. Catamount (on NY border), Berkshire East, Jiminy, Butternut, and Wachusett.

There are a number of tiny places scattered about. Ward, Nashoba, Blue Hill, Bousquet, Blandford.

Other commenters are correct that most people go to VT/NH/ME to ski "for real". But no harm in trying the others while they still exist (because lord knows they probably won't in 15 years!)


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I've 90% internalized that I need to have different expectations of lifestyle than how I grew up. And, that it's not a personal failing to live a simpler life than my parents were able to have. So that makes it a little easier.


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You'll be pressed to find a new-ish single-family in Salem for $600k, unfortunately.

Haverhill sounds like it would meet a lot of your specifications. It does not give the same quaint vibes as coastal Maine/NH though, be forewarned.

If you can push your budget closer to $700k you might open up some options closer to Boston like Norwood, Beverly, or Hudson which would have better transit than Maine/NH, too.


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I'm not sure the extent of the accommodations needed, but I know the Acton-Boxborough school system pretty well. Had a classmate for whom the teacher would wear a device that amplified their voice directly into the student's hearing aid, all of us would use it when giving presentations, etc. It was totally chill and uneventful.

We also had a lot of classroom aides and special education resources, though not sure about resources for complete deafness.

Good luck!