geordieColt88 t1_jcjrz0x wrote

That’s the worst part of watching womens football, that you have to listen to people saying stuff like

‘They don’t go down east like the men’

‘Player A is better than Player B, C and D in te mens game’

‘The womens team are better than the mens team’

If it wasn’t for that I’d care more, I watch non league football but I’d never say anyone is better there than at the top level.


geordieColt88 t1_j0vtn4z wrote

It seems The gadgy in charge of Ukrainian FA has been dipping his hand into funds supposed to be supporting those affected by the war and has got caught.

FIFA want to suspend them because of it and the Ukrainians are trying to replace him with shevchenko so they don’t get suspended but the original gadgy is saying it’s a Russian plot rather than just stepping down hence causing the problem.