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Why would he resign? He has a guaranteed 2 year contract. He gets paid $180,000 a year plus other benefits. I would not quit either. Most of the people calling for him to quit are democrats.

amazing how people on here think you can just guilt people into resigning. If I was George Santos I would just take the money and not quit. I have a high paying job for 2 years.


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capping outside income limits who will take the job and limits candidates they have to face. state legislature is a part time job. This basically limits it to business owners or people with wealthy spouses.

lots of state lawmakers and smaller town mayors have regular jobs. This is not done to be democratic, but to limit competition for jobs.


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no. only Sunni locals prefer Saddam. Sunnis are 20% of the population. Saddam had an apartheid government. you dont know anything. 80% of the population who are Shia and Kurds do not want Saddam back.

you are just stereotyping people since you do not know anything. The headline is literally "some iraqis". Some of the 20% of iraqis who are Sunnis. ISIS was 100% Sunnis and supported in Sunni areas. They targed Shia and Kurds.

you literally dont know anything and are making excusing for a murdering dictator cause you hate america so much.

Your lack of understanding about Iraq and how its really 3 different ethnic groups (with some smaller groups) and not really 1 country that is united. Shows western bias.