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Safety is relative. There is no line. There's also no lead-free. That's why "no safe amount" is a useless statement.

That's why limits get established. They're actually useful.

>If you're still struggling don't bother responding, I can't help you if that was too far above your head lol

Irony thick enough to swim in


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Fossil fuel propaganda would be accusing everyone who asks questions about hydrogen generation compared to other carbon-neutral technologies of being shills regardless of whether they're suggesting that it's probably great for certain applications in other contexts and were doing so before you made your accusation.


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I could make up far worse lies about you but it would only make me look like more of a moron than you and I'd probably get banned for it.

Maybe if you pull you head out of your ass you'll figure out that deserts are real places with real environmental impact and while they're certainly not bad places for solar installation care must be taken to avoid erosion problems due to construction and lack of plants.