getfast37 t1_j2643hv wrote

Congrats! I own that car's cousin ('18 Golf GTI.) And it sounds like you're on the right path. In my opinion, after owning mostly BMWs and VWs for the last two decades, I believe that a good specialist can save you money and hassle. You want a place that has already worked on 50 of those same cars and can give you a list of what to expect, not a place that has to figure it out as they go along.

First one that comes to mind... Delta V Motorsports in the city is plenty familiar with that "mk7" chassis (although they mostly handle the GTI and Golf R versions, it's the same basic car.) Worth a call at least.

I've heard good things about Import Autohaus but I've also heard bad things, and that they are expensive. Again, worth looking into perhaps.

Oh, on that 1.8T engine you are probably due for an intake cleaning (carbon buildup thanks to direct injection) or at least inspection by that age/mileage as well. Just something you may need to budget for.

Good luck!