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Is that subreddit not just dudes who think they are The Wolf of Wall Street, but are actually just regular middle to lower class people who really like Elon Musk?


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I mean yeah, there is that aspect of being queer that is going against societal and social norms and that falls in line with being neurodivergent and being less likely to adapt to said norms, and more likely to think outside the box, be themselves without worrying about judgement.

Pretty sure there’s a statistic that’s something like 70% of people with autism identify as “non-heterosexual”.


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Neopronouns are often used by neurodivergent (mainly autistic) people. It helps them define their own sense of identity that they can’t with already established pronouns.

Neurodivergent people are constantly feeling boxed in by things and different social constructs that can be difficult for them to recognize or sometimes understand. Many neurodivergent people feel they don’t quite fit in either category, especially not within neurotypical spaces, neopronouns are just a way to help them break free a little bit, establish their own identity and their own rules, rather then feeling boxed in


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Neopronouns are usually used by neurodivergent (more specifically autistic) people, and they help them identify themselves in their own way that they often can’t with the already established pronouns.

It’s harmless and it helps people to be themselves.