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no lives were wasted in that jump lol. cats know how to jump from heights that high up. its a special thing going with its core muscles and legs + making themselves parachute in a way.


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>rouble is that these territories were annexed by Russia,

idk about you but i lived before the the twenty tens... Russia was accepted into the western world with trade deals and everything else in between.

Russia literally drew the map to Ukraine before they started this war. So anything that happens is their fault.

Literally no one is ever thinking of invading Russia other than China and Russia officials because they're too busy looting the country. No one thinks about Russia until they started this Crimea bullshit.

The entire reason Russia is this screwed up is because the people in charge need to drive an idea that the west hates them while Russia continues to cheat, loot, and murder their way to the point that they've become the monster they claimed to be. Russia's biggest threat has always been itself and the corruption that gutted the nation. The country government is incapable of doing anything honest whether its supplying their milltary to teenage figure skating.

Everyone still has nukes the timing of 5 minutes vs 10 minutes is still nothing whether there are nukes in Poland vs Ukraine vs Cuba it doesn't matter. MAD exists for everyone including the US.


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if NATO attacked Russia. we'll probably be close to Moscow within a week and Putin would be launching ever threat he can think of from his underground bunker while the humming of drones surround the only way in and out.

US would probably be halfway to Siberia invading from Alaska. then China is gonna invade because they can.


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almost all wars usually have another nation or rich people supplying them that aren't at war with the other nation.

its annoying but its not 'going to war'. there are buyers, donators, and people that generally just support one side over the other.

its just a standard thing tbh. the US did it during WW1 before we entered the war. Germany mercenaries were used in the US revolutionary war. During the civil war they used French and British backers for weapons and stuff for the French side. China + Russia was bankrolling North Korea. Etc,etc,etc. Its just a normal thing for countries to support allies in times of war without being at war themselves.


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Italy should of stayed neutral.

Why? So that way it can spend the time to invest in its military while watching and learning what each side is doing.

Once the war ends in the same way and Austria Hungary collapses while everyone is war-fatigue. Italy would be ready to invade the new lands that broke off of Austria-Hungary and take whatever they wanted. No one would've been in the position to stop them other than maybe the US which wasn't ready to enter a new war.


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already has lol. they've done nothing and its still double. what do we got to lose? my neighbor is complaining that hes worried about paying the bills and he'll have to sell the house because its too expensive to live in the state.

mans been living in the state for 88 years and hes gonna have to sell his house and move to Boston. all because hes afraid that eversource is gonna double his bills to the point he can afford it.


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maybe we actually get those nuclear plants back up.

the real issue is we bullshit ourselves by not using every means of green energy we can get our hands on like hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear.

CT suffers from corruption when it comes to big projects were too busy dealing with a different fire we never get look at the long run or the entire state has contracted it out to companies like Eversource whose main interest is to milk the state for as much money as possible. If it works for Wallingford it can work for the rest of us. Its a small state this shouldn't be that difficult.

i will say it again. energy should be taken over by the state and become state run. its easier to maintain, less money to run and less 'politics' involved. whether its 10 years of 30 it has to happen because every dollar were sending to these companies is not invested into the state.