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It’s called a hardy weinberg equilibrium. Unless there’s some catastrophic event, like we kill all the redheads, or something less sadistic like some kind of geographic change like a flood and a new River happening to divide people, random chance plus the continued passing of recessive genes keep things where they’re at.

We’re talking about absolutely massive sample sizes so it works out that you might end up reproducing with someone who has recessive genes you didn’t know about.


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Fun fact: for the most part, the USA could be the number one producer in the world for basically anything we want to.

We don’t because we write laws that force us to dump milk down the drain if we the price goes to low or burn crops if we over produce. The ironic part there is we can actually predict these events in advance with relative accuracy to be able to prepare more effectively to ship these goods further to maintain price but help with global supply. If you ever need more evidence people should not rule over others, this is it. Instead of being able to sell milk for money, our laws make us dump it down the drain.