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Either a temporary fix while the van is parked, or someone's idea to prevent ice on the windshield (pull off the plastic when you need to go.)


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I hate waste. Especially food waste. Especially meat (this used to be alive) waste. I would have no problem with shark fins if people caught, dressed, sold, and ate the whole shark. Cutting the fins off and dumping the rest is terrible, but cutting the fins off a live shark and dumping it back to die slowly is barbaric.

Literally all we had to do was just fish the whole shark instead of being cunts about it.

Also, by all accounts, shark fin tastes like nothing, and is just a texture thing. Some acquired taste bullshit.


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In dark areas, the milky way core and a field full of stars is easily visible to the naked eye. If you look, you'll see stars shimmering in different colors. But the color between stars is generally never visible to the naked eye, except for when it's a reflection of other, closer light scattered off the atmosphere.


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Truthfully, kids are kind of fucking stupid yet often much smarter than we give them credit for. At age 7 I had overheard and memorized my parents' password and knew how to get into their safe ...

Realistically, it's negligence at best like 99 times out of 100, but sometimes the kid figures out stuff nobody reasonably expects them to.

One reason I'm very hesitant to own any firearms is because I assume my kid is gonna be way too fucking clever (in dumb ways.) My wife asked if I wanted to get something for self defense and I was like, the security required to truly make it proof against an obnoxiously motivated child also would take me ages to get through. Not a problem for a toy to take to the range, a problem for self defense where seconds count.